Ansys Finite Element Analysis: The Use of Remote Displacement and Remote Force

Johnny Chen
Aug 23, 2021


Why we choose to use Remote Displacement (Force) in lieu of Fixed Support and Force?

Deflection Formula

It is obvious to use force at the end point and fixed support on the fixed end when using hand calculation of deflection on beam structure, but why should we use remote displacement and remote force?

Let’s say we have a compression force exerted at the free-end of the beam (see below image), the beam would deform as the dash line shown.

External force applied at the free end of the beam

If we applied fix support at the fixed end, the nodes next to the fixed-end node would not have to deform. Therefore, it would cause higher moment force at the place (see below image) compare with theoretical solution.

The node connected on the red line would not deform, causing moment in red line area greater

To sum up, by applying remote displacement (force) we can avoid this kind of stress concentration issue.